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    1. A group of beautiful talented women and I have been working on an event called the Natural Hair Summit. The Natural Hair Summit is an event to celebrate a phenomenon that has been happing in the African American community. I love the movement because I feel that it’s time for people to take back the meaning of beauty. There are so many standards that a person must meet to be labeled “beautiful” in America. Many people (if any) can meet those standards.

      I feel like this movement is just as positive as the ‘Love Your Body’ movement. When a person accepts themselves as they are born, I feel that it awakens a new side of that person; it leads to a emotional, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. A confidence is born that is the most beautiful thing a woman (or any person for that matter) can possess. 

      I am so glad that I could be apart of an event like this. I can’t wait to do it again next year. I hope people walked away from this event feeling happy, beautiful and inspired!

      More Pictures to come! :)


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